A flying start to the development of a national postural care strategy!

After a highly successful Got My Back conference in September 2016, a working group was formed to develop a national postural care strategy. The group got off to a flying start as family carers, Changing Our Lives, professionals, including researchers, physiotherapists, health facilitators and equipment suppliers from a range of voluntary, statutory and private providers, came together in January 2017 to start work on this under developed area.

Rather than sitting round a table, which we all know encourages poor posture, the group stood up and brainstormed using flip chart paper on the walls. This fostered collaborative working and got everyone involved. The group was encouraged that the Learning Disability Professional Senate has endorsed the ‘Got my Back’ paper from the September conference. This paper clearly sets out the consequences of poor postural care and a commitment to improving postural care so that quality of life for both the disabled person and the family carer can be enhanced.

Everybody had a clear idea of the work that each member needs to complete before the next meeting in March. Group members are working on a range of areas needed for the development of the strategy, including:
• a survey for parents
• engagement with disabled people to ensure the strategy is coproduced
• gathering of best practice including an agreed definition of postural care and existing postural care pathways
• an overview of current training across England
• a summary of myths surrounding postural care
• an exploration of adding body measurements to the Cerebral Palsy Integrated Pathway which currently only includes hip measurements.

In addition, a sub group will submit an ethics application to Birmingham City University in order to conduct a small pilot study around the impact of postural care on quality of life.

If you want to know any more about this work, or offer any assistance, please email Jayne at jayne@changingourlives.org

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