No one is too disabled to have a conversation!

“He / she doesn’t communicate” is still sadly a phrase we hear in our day to day work.  At Changing Our Lives we believe that no one is too disabled to lead an ordinary life, to have friends, to make choices and to have their voice heard.  Conversation is crucial to achieving these things.  This week, members of our team attended a study day with Jo Grace (The Sensory Project) – “Developing Your Sensory Lexiconary” to hone our conversation skills.  No, we didn’t spend the day chatting and drinking coffee (well not all of it!). Rather, we spent an inspiring and informative day learning about sensory conversations through a mix of research, personal experiences and fabulous practical ideas, all delivered in Jo’s inimitable style.

The day looked at the development of the senses, introduced us to new sensory experiences and provided a wealth of ideas for imaginative resources to enable us to start our own sensory conversations.  In the two days since the course I have worn my brightest red top for work and dug out my knitting needles. If you want to know why these are good ideas and also discover the best use for a pair of tights EVER, visit

At Changing Our Lives we will be sharing our learning with the rest of the team, and begin to gather our own resources.  We will then reflect on how we can use these in our own sensory conversations and how to share them in practice development with the staff teams we work with.

“A person’s ability to communicate does not depend on the mastery of certain skills, but on our ability to listen.”

Jo Grace – The Sensory Project

No one is too disabled to have a conversation.

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