Sandwell Challenge Board get down to business!

On a sunny Saturday in West Bromwich it was time for training to begin!  The young people of Sandwell that have been selected to lead Sandwell Challenge Board came together in preparation for their role on the board.

The session was used to explore the role further, including the sorts of skills and knowledge that individuals will need to fulfil their role. It didn’t take long for people to realise that although their role is about strategic coproduction, there is also opportunity for personal development and with this in mind, young people talked about where they are in relation to their own lives, so Changing Our Lives can measure the impact that the work is having on them as board members, as well as driving the wider SEND agenda.

During the session, fingers were hot on the buzzers during a quiz around human rights.  The young people explored the basic freedoms and protections that every person has and learnt about the origins of human rights and its journey through the ages. A further exercise on cultural identity exploded some myths and this message was used to emphasise the stereotypes that we all have ingrained and the labels that society places on groups of people. Labels like SEND (Special Education Needs and Disability) that create differences in perception and expectation.

“Your rights cannot be taken away from you.  Human rights belong to us all from the moment we are born.”

This new group of young leaders are bright, articulate and passionate about the human rights and want to make sure that they succeed in their role to improve the lives of young people in Sandwell by bringing the big issues to the table and driving these forward.

With aspirations of being Radiographers, Actresses and, Clinical Psychologists the Challenge Board will start their work with a focus on employment and develop a White Paper to present to Sandwell (SEND) Partnership Board.

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