Sky’s the Limit launch their first report!

Since 2016 Changing Our Lives have been working in coproduction with Wolverhampton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to change the way that care and support is designed, developed and delivered.  The CCG selected 4 young people going through transition, all with complex health needs, to take part in a pilot project to start planning for their future…with a difference! The key mission of the project was to work creatively with each young person to pull together a pathway unique and personal to them and to think beyond traditional services and solutions such as residential college: The motto was, “The Sky’s the Limit!”

Transition, and the changes involved in becoming an adult, can be a scary and difficult time for young people. However, experience tells us that many young people with special educational needs and disabilities are often poorly supported to deal with this stressful period of change.  They face a number of challenges in achieving their aspirations of having an ordinary life because of low expectations, poor planning, weak care management, traditional thinking, and a lack of inclusive local provision.

The Sky’s the Limit project was born out of a desire to challenge traditional routes through transition and work together in coproduction with young people and their families to create the future life that they really want – not a life in services.  The intention was to use person centred approaches to facilitate the creation of person centred plans for each young person that would enable them and their families to be in the driving seat of the transition process. The focus was on getting the right support rather than being slotted into services, and to stimulate providers to think in terms of the individual and their support.  By shifting power to the young person and their families in this way, the intention was to establish from the start a relationship between the young person, their families and providers that would ensure that each person’s support is created from a blank canvas, is individualised, flexible, and designed with only that person in mind.

It was recognised in the early stages of the pilot that further proactive input would be beneficial, and would maximise the impact of the project on the lives of the young people and families involved and potential young people in the future. As a result, two further phases have been developed and agreed with commissioners for 2017:

Phase 2: Working with young people, families and providers to embed person centred, ordinary life approaches.

Phase 3: Evaluation event to showcase the progress made for each young person.

The results of this project will help shape future working practices within the CCG and Wolverhampton City Council, as their partners to ensure that young people going through transition are directing their own support so that it is driven by their needs, desires and aspirations for a brighter future.

Read the full Phase One Report: Skys the Limit

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