No one’s too disabled or too affected by mental health difficulties to lead an ordinary life.

We all create our own version of ‘an ordinary life’. Everyone has a right to this.

Heads Up - Mental Health Awareness Training

Learn more and sign up to mental health awareness training here. This training enables you to improve your awareness of mental health conditions and issues, demystify terminology around mental health and develop strategies to keep yourself and others well.




Tickets: From £175.00

Author: Carol Clarke

Location: Details to be confirmed,,

Short, Black N Sides

Ever heard the term 'black don't crack'? Well, it does! This barbershop project is running in Sandwell and aims to tackle stigma surrounding mental health in black minority ethnic (BME) communities.


Author: Rosalind Frampton

No one's too disabled to have a conversation

Sometimes people think that if disabled people don’t use words to communicate, they can’t have a conversation. There are many different types of conversation: some use words, some use signs, some involve an electronic communicator and some are a mixture of all of these and more.




We use the arts to engage with people, develop their creative abilities and enable them to challenge injustice and inequality.