Mahmud Nadat, President of Masjid-Al-Farouq Mosque

I supported the ‘Beyond the Stigma’ project by donating food and refreshments for a Poetry Slam event to ensure that the wider Palfrey community were able to enjoy the incredible event with some tasty additions!

Changing our Lives were undertaking a poetry project with young people in my own local community with a focus on mental health. By taking poetry workshops into schools they were able to use a creative arts medium to tackle issues around mental health, challenge stereotypes and increase awareness. Lessons that we all need to learn!

In my community almost 95% of the population are Muslim and often mental health is a subject that people don’t understand or face up to. People feel ashamed and are isolated or hidden away at home, so communities need to be educated, as we are all responsible for keeping ourselves and those around us well. Starting these conversations was a gift to the Palfrey community and the legacy that this has left will be built upon, not only through a younger generation of ideals, but through the inclusion of community leaders and our elders in this work.