Katy's Story

Katy explains how a Direct Payment has enabled her to take control of her life.Read more

Sonja's Story

Sonja has been employed in Sandwell council for 10 years and is flourishing in her career.Read more

Lesley: Connecting to the real world

Lesley started working with Changing Our Lives as part of a poetry project called Poet’s First! in 2013. This was an ideal project for Lesley as she reads and writes a lot, and at the time spent lots of time alone pursuing these interests.Read more

Caprice: My journey to university

When Caprice began working with us a on a leadership development programme, she was a quiet young girl, lacking in confidence and self-belief. She’s now a striking, confident young women in her third year of university. Here’s her thoughts on the journey:Read more

Beth's New Life

In the summer 2017, at the age of 19 Beth left school with no robust plans in place and her mum Sue was very concerned about what the future held for her daughter.Read more

Jayne's Story

Jayne’s been labelled most of her life as ‘challenging’ and yet with the right support, she now lives in her own home and is active in the community.Read more

David's Story

David was labelled as ‘difficult’ and ‘challenging’ but as a result of powerful family advocacy, now lives in his own home.Read more

Marion's Story

Marion’s story reveals the impact of community connecting.Read more