‘Working in this way with young people and their families has been fantastic and an eye opener for us: really getting to know someone, rather than just focussing on a list of needs to be met by a set menu of service solutions, opens up a whole range of options and possibilities that leads to imaginative and creative thinking about how the young person can be supported to develop their independence, achieve their goals and have better lives. For some young people this can mean the difference between a segregated life in services that are not tailored to the individual and are often very expensive, and an ordinary full life in the community.’

Maxine Danks, Head of Service, Individual Care Team, Wolverhampton CCG

“I have been qualified for 8 years and I started out thinking about people first and what I could do to help. Somewhere over the years I have lost that focus and I don’t know when or why. Today has really reminded me of why I started out in social work and I will make sure I see the person before the process from now on!”

Social Worker, Wolverhampton City Council