• "I have a better understanding of Beth as a person."
• "I now know that Beth has skills and strengths that should be encouraged and shown off."
• "Beth has more confidence than I ever thought."
• "There’s much more than meets the eye to people. I need to understand and remember that."
• "I now know to promote people’s independence."
• "Never judge a book by its cover. You can’t tell by looking at someone what skills and talents they have."

Beth’s mom’s experiences

"It was interesting hearing what we all thought about each other and being able to put our views across honestly. I know that things have come a long way since Beth moved into her own home and I can honestly say I have quite a good relationship with the staff now and we communicate regularly. Beth has been my life for so long and I am finding it very hard to let go, however I'm trying to help the staff manage her behaviours as I know she can be very difficult at times! I just want the best for Beth and know she could thrive if she was given chances.

I appreciate all the help that Changing Our Lives has given us and the provider and I hope it will help other individuals that are supported by the provider too. All disabled people deserve to lead a normal life and I'm hoping that Changing Our Lives has made this happen. My advice to other families is that they give their child/young adult the chance to break free and give them the chance to have independence and build a lovely life like anyone else. That’s my hope for Beth."