"We have been working with Changing Our Lives over the past two years to hear the voices of young people who have physical health needs and learning difficulties, particularly as they become young adults. We want to work with young people to improve services and meet their needs. This ‘takeover day’ is a good way for the young people to make a difference. I hope it will also mean we as managers better understand young people’s views of the services we commission for them. I have learnt that there are lots of different ways to work with young people and they have lots of energy and enthusiasm, which can drive change. Thanks you for your drive and energy, which is infectious."

Dr Helen Hibbs, Chief Officer WCCG.

 "I have learnt that young people have a voice that needs to be heard and acted upon, so we need to look at new ways to communicate using modern technology. Co-production is the way forward for effective commissioning and we need to work on how to achieve this."

Dan de Rosa, Chair WCCG

"Wow! What a memorable occasion Thursday 19th November was for Wolverhampton CCG. From the early morning ‘take over’ of our executive leader roles, including the chairing of and participation at essential commissioning meetings right through to hosting a showcase event, Kashmire, Gina and Hayden excelled in style and influence. Their youthful vitality, energy and fresh ideas impressed all those lucky enough to be part of their audience on the day. The new challenge must now be to ensure that the young leaders messages and influence become embedded in CCG core commissioning activity."

Maria McCaffrey, Interim Children’s Commissioner