We all create our own version of an ordinary life. For most of us this is about being loving family members, being in education to improve our lives, having paid work and a career, being home makers, community leaders, teenagers, neighbours, friends and partners, enjoying a full social life and being visible and valued members of our community, doing things other people do, in places other people do them.  Equally an ordinary life is about trying new things, taking risks, making mistakes, challenging people’s assumptions and thoughts, changing our minds and sometimes getting into trouble. 

We know that barriers exist to disabled people living an ordinary life but we believe that with the right support, no one is too disabled and no one’s mental health is too complex to lead an ordinary life.

This training explores what we mean by an ordinary life and how this looks different for everyone, examines the barriers that exist in society and provides an understanding of how to challenge these barriers using a rights based approach.