"The poetry slam inspired me to have an awareness of things. I didn’t know about mental health! I’ve learnt that mental health difficulties can happen to anyone."

"There is a stigma around mental health in the community but with events like this we can slowly eliminate it in time."

"Everyone has mental health. Those with mental health keep quiet and refrain from being called abnormal."

"We all have problems at some point. We should not be ashamed."

"We need to talk about mental health more so people in the community become aware and this will help people support each other with mental health difficulties. Some people in the Muslim community are afraid of what people will say if they mention mental health, but mental health is everyone’s business so we need to start a conversation about it. We need to use this work as a springboard for future conversations in our local community."

Siraaj Nadat, community member and Social Worker, City of Wolverhampton Council

"Our children at Palfrey Junior school really enjoyed working with Dreadlock Alien and Changing Our Lives. Not only did they have an outlet for their creativity, but they realised that mental health is an issue that many of us face and some point in our lives. It is of vital importance that we equip our young people with the language to express their needs and the skills to cope with difficulties that they may face. The stigma and prejudice towards mental health problems must be stripped away, and it is through projects like this that we can begin to achieve that goal."

Head Teacher, Palfrey Junior School