'We are more aware, it has made us think about making connections. I now feel that it is important for people to interact and to be recognised within the community.'

'It has been good to witness the friendships develop within the community and to see how important it is for both the people we support at Duke Street and people in the community.'

'It has become a natural part of a person’s daily requirement, it is as important as all essential day to day things we have to do.'

'We have more confidence with speaking to people in the community, we talk to more people and there are more people who talk to us asking questions becoming aware of people with learning disabilities.'

'This has enriched all our lives - staff, the people we support and local community. We have developed and encouraged positive outcomes for all.'

‘Thank you for your support and good work, you have made a positive impact on my thinking and the way I work which I feel is benefiting all the people I work with at Duke Street.’

'Community Connecting helped us think together as a team about where could these attributes and skills be used to not only give B meaningful activities that she enjoyed and gave her a chance to meet new people, but also, gave B the chance to help other people and share her talents.'

'Community Connecting training really helped me to see the value of encouraging people to find things they want to do for themselves. It’s easy for us to find activities, but how meaningful are they? I have learned to think wider and broader and to use what’s out there as local sources of information.'