"The Parliament is about making sure that people with lived experience are involved in the design and delivery of services. It's crucial that people with lived experiences play these roles."

"MPs need to be strong and bloody-minded. It's easy to get into a conversation with commissioners or people in senior positions and then back down. MPs need to stand up and say this is what they want."

"The Parliament develops people. Some people who become MPs will not have experience of leadership and the Parliament supports them to develop."

"Making positive changes lies at the heart of the Parliament."

"The Parliament identifies gaps in the system and brings people together to make a change."

"Having people with lived experience lead the Parliament enables others to understand about mental health and enables the MPs to advocate for people experiencing difficulties with mental health."

"The Parliament is about mutual aid and respect. It's about regaining control and people being the centre of their own recovery. It’s not about having something done to you but about you finding your own solutions."