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Our team of volunteers are incredibly important to us and we are always looking for new volunteers to join us. We currently have 3 opportunities. Read more

Annual Report

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Annual Programme

Our specialised team combines extensive experience, highly skilled and tenacious, professionals that are known for an innovative and outcomes based approach to practice and delivery. Read more

Jayne: Beyond Words

Jayne doesn’t use words to communicate but that doesn’t stop her from getting her point of view across. Jayne is a really determined woman, knows her own mind and is very sociable. However, over the years Jayne has been labelled as ‘challenging’ and denied opportunities because of this label. At one stage Jayne was not ‘allowed’ to go out into the community, as staff were afraid she would be aggressive. This short sighted view limited Jayne’s possibilities and kept her segregated for years. Read more

David: a home of my own

My name is David. I am my own man! I know what I like and what I don’t like, and I am confident to communicate this to people. Sometimes people judge me because I have a learning disability. Some people didn’t think I would be able to live in my own home, but my mom was determined that I could, and now guess what – I am happy living in my own home! Read more

Best practice

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