Creative and visual art thread through much of the work at Changing Our Lives. We know, and witness, the power that creativity, self-expression and innovation can have on people’s lives, and have worked in this way for many years.

As Grayson Perry tells us, “Art helps us access and express parts of ourselves that are often unavailable to other forms of human interaction.” (Creative Health: The Arts, Health and Wellbeing, June 2017.)  We know this to be true through the partnerships and coproduction work we undertake across the country with people with the label of ‘complex needs’.

Examples of how we can work with you

  • We used accessible 3D city design and urban planning with young people to influence organisations' strategic planning.

  • We used graphic art with local people to aid the design, planning and development of innovative mental health services and supports in coproduction with NHS trusts and local authorities.

  • We used clay as a sensory stimulating arts intervention to create a person-centred plan with an individual going through significant life changes.

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