It is very important for disabled people and people with mental health difficulties to influence policy making. A policy sets out rules, laws or the way things need to be. They are written in national government and locally in councils and Clinical Commissioning Groups. These policies influence the way we all live and come to think about the world around us.

Disabled people and people with mental health difficulties, like many others, have traditionally been left out of policy making. This is gradually improving but often people’s views and experiences seem to be an add on, something that has to happen but will probably not end up greatly influencing the end result.

National and Local Standards

Below are national and local standards that are influencing practice, service design and policy making. All of these standards have been designed by disabled people and people with mental health difficulties.

Quality of Life Standards and Toolkit

Quality of Life Mental Health Standards

Quality of Health Principles

Guides and reports relating to best practice

Common Ground Report

Common Ground is a community connecting project to reduce loneliness and social isolation for young disabled people and young people with mental health difficulties from BME communities across Walsall and Birmingham.

Common Ground Stories

These are personal stories from the Common Ground project.

Sky’s the Limit

This project worked with disabled young people from Wolverhampton with the aim of putting them in control of their own lives.

Enabling Independence

This report looks at the impact of our programme of training and development on a staff team in a short break service.

 An introduction to coproduction

This short guide explains the basic principles underlying coproduction, the benefits and some examples.

Making Written Things Easier to Understand

This guide explains how to write and design accessible documents.

Real Lives, Real Homes

This is an example of a Quality of Life review. It focussed on the quality of life of 60 people with learning disabilities living in supported living in Sandwell.

Wellness Relapse Action Planning (WRAP) template

This template can be used to aid recovery from a mental health crisis, including how to maintain wellbeing and avoid crises in the future.