Changing Our Lives defines Quality of Life as ‘the degree to which a person lives and enjoys an ordinary life, living in their own home, making their own choices about everyday life, having responsibilities, being part of their community, having friendships and relationships, having the opportunity of employment and other opportunities for personal development’.

We believe that everyone has a right to a good quality of life, regardless of disability. This means having a range of good quality housing options, being a valued and contributing member of the community, having control over every day and longer term decisions in our lives such as having a relationship or choosing and employing personal assistants so people can be as independent as possible.

Often when people have learning disabilities or are autistic, expectations are lowered in individuals, families and professionals, resulting in people believing a lower quality of life is an inevitability. The Quality of Life programme uses a range of tools and approaches to challenge this assumption, supporting both individuals and families to have a substantially improved quality of life and commissioners and providers to purchase, design and deliver services and supports which put people in control of their lives.

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