Ami is a vibrant and creative individual, not limited by labels of disability, whose imaginative use of cosplay and fan fiction helps her to navigate challenges in the real world.

The new book ‘Ami, in her own words’ tells Ami’s story. Click here to find out more and read the book.

The cosplay photoshoot

Wanting to bring Ami’s story and personality to life in her own book, we decided to organise a photoshoot at the Custard Factory in Digbeth, Birmingham.

Set against a backdrop of grungy industrialism and colourful graffiti, Ami’s enthusiasm and detailed commentary brought each character she chose to portray to life. Ami directed all the details of costume, make-up and pose, and was supported by a photographer, Katie Seymour and a visual artist, Becky McComb.


Portraits of Ami

Becky McComb then went on to produce a series of portraits of Ami based on the photos from the shoot.