Changing Our Lives facilitate Challenge Boards in Sandwell and Wolverhampton. The boards are unique as they are strategic bodies made up of young people with the label of "Special Educational Needs and Disabilities" (SEND). They are not about consultation; they are about achieving outcomes!

In each area around the country there are SEND Boards. These boards were set up by the government to make sure that young disabled people and young people who have been told they have SEND have good lives. Sandwell and Wolverhampton's young people led Challenge Boards work alongside the Sandwell and Wolverhampton SEND Boards, holding them to account.

The Challenge Boards are made up of young leaders, who are bright, articulate and passionate about human rights. They want to make sure that they succeed in their role to improve the lives of young people in their local area by bringing the big issues to the table and driving these forward.

Sandwell's Challenge Board is prioritising employment and the support all young people need to make this a reality in their lives. Their Employment White Paper was launched in Spring 2018.

Wolverhampton's Challenge Board launched their 'Ordinary Lives' White Paper in December 2017. It focuses on 3 areas; Employment, Friendships and Real Talk. Real Talk is the language expressed by young people when referring to attitudes and expectation placed upon them. A further Real Talk event with six Wolverhampton schools was held in July 2018.

Sandwell's Employment White Paper

Wolverhampton's Ordinary Life White Paper

Wolverhampton's Real Talk event

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