‘Working at a national level as a disabled man from an Asian background I stood out. There were no other brown faces. I thought this is not right. There are so many communities out there. I’m not here to tick your ethnicity box. Just because I’m Asian and disabled, doesn’t mean I hold all the knowledge. I don’t know everything about being Asian and disabled.’ - Siraaj Nadat, BEM

The lives and experiences of disabled people from minority ethnic communities are often overlooked and obscured from view. Oral histories of disabled people rarely mention the lives of individuals from minority ethnic communities; likewise, oral histories from minority ethnic communities rarely mention the lives of minority ethnic disabled people.

To combat these gaps in the narrative, Changing Our Lives is committed to preserving these invisible histories, on both an individual and collective level. Taking both an anti-racist and human rights based approach, we believe it is essential that the history of disabled people from minority ethnic communities is recorded and celebrated, so that individuals are acknowledged for their contributions to society. Colour Between the Lines emerged from that belief.

Drawing on oral history approaches, and funded by the Heritage Lottery, Colour Between the Lines charts the individual development and successes of 7 individuals who, in spite of societal prejudices and discrimination towards race and disability, have established successful and thriving lives.

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