Since 2017, we have been working with the Co-op Foundation on Common Ground, which uses community connecting as an approach to tackle youth loneliness and build connections between young disabled people and their non-disabled peers.

Too often the social isolation and loneliness that young disabled people experience is defined by their disability, which can be all the more isolating. Changing Our Lives want to support young people to understand loneliness as a shared human experience by connecting young people and embedding human rights within the work. 

For 2019 - 2021 our aim was to continue to build on what we’ve learnt so far, developing a range of works to connect and motivate young people to start a conversation around youth loneliness. This included an online arts exhibition and social media campaign, the development of strategic planning for young people in the city of Wolverhampton and delivering human rights training. 

To find out more about the work, click below to read the full project report and arts brochure from our "Your new normal. My normal." campaign. 

Click to read the project report

Click to read our arts brochure