My name is David. I am my own man! I know what I like and what I don’t like, and I am confident to communicate this to people. Sometimes people judge me because I have a learning disability. Some people didn’t think I would be able to live in my own home, but my mom was determined that I could, and now guess what – I am happy living in my own home!

One thing to know about me is how sociable I am. I have completed a Community Map with Changing Our Lives. When I was doing this, I counted 162 people that I know in my life. I have a really supportive family, friends I see regularly, my neighbour who I get on well with, and loads of people I see at things I do in the week. I know quite a lot of ladies!! I also speak to people in my local town who me or mom have known for years. And not forgetting lots of people from the pub!

You can read more about my life in my book, and see just what’s possible if you are determined!