"What a great initiative and achievement for you and those nine young people and their mentors! It is incredible how much you all achieved within such a short time. Yesterday was just incredible and I had tears in my eyes when listening to the personal journeys and seeing parents being deeply moved and proud. I was impressed also to see how those young people worked together in the group, being of different ages, backgrounds and gender, they were so friendly towards each other and supporting each other."

Dr Olga Kozlowska, Research Assistant, University of Wolverhampton, School of Health and Wellbeing

"Just an email to follow up from today, massive thank you for what you did. In my opinion it was the best way to launch the project. It was a pleasure to see the students really happy with the positive feedback given to them throughout the day."

"Thank you for this, I am still buzzing from the other week. We have seen an incredible amount of progress in one young woman already who has done two performances in front of the whole school."

Ben Taylor, Assistant Headteaher 14-19 Curriculum and Assessment, The Westminster School