"It was a refreshing change - a disabled trainer knows more than anyone and could answer the questions honestly."

"The training led by a person with a learning disability gave us a true reflection of the reality of their lives."

 "It was empowering to see Siraaj facilitate the training, he made it easy to learn."

 "Having disabled trainers gave it a more resounding impact and allows for a clearer understanding of issues and challenges faced."

"The trainer’s real life experiences are what brought it alive for me."

"It makes it more real, learning disabled people are the only people who really know and it’s great for them to share their own experiences."

"It is so good to hear from someone with a learning disability instead of someone who thinks they know."

"Having a person on the autistic spectrum lead the training made it real."

"What was best for me was hearing opinions from people that actually experience such issues. Thought provoking – terminology section!"

"Having disabled trainers gave the training greater impact, it also underlined ability not disability."

 "Great, inspired - more people with a learning disability should train support workers."