A healthy posture is important for us all. The way we move, the way we sit, the way we lay in bed at night, all have an impact on our spine and body shape. Most of us are born with a symmetrical body shape. For people with reduced mobility, it is more difficult to maintain a healthy posture. This means that over time, some people with reduced mobility develop body shape distortions. These changes are not inevitable. Postural care is any intervention which protects a person’s body shape and reduces their risk of health complications associated with distortion.

Commissioned by NHS England, Got My Back: Young people and families putting themselves in control of postural care tells 6 stories of people who demonstrate the benefits of good postural care.

The Got My Back campaign makes us all aware that we need to look after our posture. Here are four films that highlight how important good postural care is and what happens when postural care goes wrong:

General Postural Care Information

What is postural care? Why should you look after your posture, and how should you do it?

A poem by Charlie and Kara

Two young people with cerebral palsy wrote a poem about how they look after their body shape and stay active in their everyday lives.

A lack of postural care after a stroke

Harry is an older gentleman who had a stroke. Whilst he received very kind care, his posture was not correctly supported. Sitting in bed for a year caused his body shape to change and crushed his internal organs, which made him more susceptible to infections, and less able to fight them off.

A vlog about sports

Postural care doesn't have to be boring! Looking after your posture means changing position, doing sports and having fun. Here Katy, who has quadriplegic cerebral palsy, tries sit skiing at her local snowdome.