Jayne doesn’t use words to communicate but that doesn’t stop her from getting her point of view across. Jayne is a really determined woman, knows her own mind and is very sociable. However, over the years Jayne has been labelled as ‘challenging’ and denied opportunities because of this label. At one stage Jayne was not ‘allowed’ to go out into the community, as staff were afraid she would be aggressive. This short sighted view limited Jayne’s possibilities and kept her segregated for years.

Jayne’s life is now in a much more positive place. For over 17 years she has lived in her own home and in the last 7 years she’s been supported by a dedicated staff member enabling her to have more freedom and become an active member of her local community.

This book was produced to chart Jayne’s life and show what that with good quality support, to one is too disabled to be part of the community.