This training supports delivery of The Care Act 2014 by developing natural supports in the community, rather than an over reliance on paid services.

“The main aim of professionals should be on your well-being, on reducing your need for care and support, and on reducing the likelihood that you will need care and support in the future.”

This training also supports delivery of The Children & Families Act 2014, which promotes young disabled people and young people with special educational needs, along with families having ordinary life opportunities.

Who is this training for?

This training is for anyone who works directly with people at greater risk of social isolation for example: disabled people including those with profound and multiple learning disabilities and peoplewith mental health difficulties. Managers, team leaders, support workers, personal assistants and carers will find this training beneficial.

Learning outcomes:
  • understand the concept of community connecting and the outcomes this results in for individuals and communities.

  • explore what an ordinary life looks like for the people that you support and start to shift thinking beyond services, with a focus on a community development approach.

  • understand and apply person centred tools to focus on people’s skills, talents and interests to identify where connections wouldbe beneficial to improve people’s quality of life.

  • facilitate community connections for the people that you support.

Why is this training important?

We know that disabled people and other people who can be socially isolated are often ‘tourists in their own community’. They are more likely to be unemployed, experience mental health difficulties and discrimination. Community connecting is a wayfor individuals to forge meaningful relationships and be part of their community.

The training is useful for personalised commissioning approaches, where individuals become self-determining, choosing what they do in their own lives and designing their own support.

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