Communication is an essential human need, as well as a fundamental and basic human right. Communication allows freedom of expression and recognising the right to communicate is essential when working with people with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD).

Communication isn’t just about functional interactions based around fulfilling people’s basic needs, rather it is about truly connecting with people on every level and being able to facilitate rich interactions. Communication is so much more than we appreciate and it takes a multitude of skills to achieve real interaction. It is only when we are able to recognise, understand and use these skills that natural conversations take place.

Through our work around the country, in a variety of settings, we meet people every day whose basic human right to communicate is being overlooked; people who sit for two hours in a room with no one connecting or interacting with them other than to give them a drink. We see missed opportunities for rich interaction from staff who are focused on delivering care and completing tasks.

Who is this training for?

‘More Than Words’ is a thought provoking and highly interactive session specially aimed at individuals and staff teams working directly with people with PMLD.

Learning outcomes:
  • have a broad understanding of communication, understand why communication is not only important, but fundamental.

  • understand how to adapt verbal communication skills to help support the people you work with and recognise that conversations look different for different people

  • understand and develop the facilitation skills required to support great communication 

  • have an increased knowledge and appreciation of how facilitating communication can develop and unlock ‘a life’ for individuals

Why is this training important?

For us, communication is far more than care and we certainly don’t want it to become a task. In More Than Words we explore how staff can use the communication skills they already have to enhance their everyday interactions, recognise opportunities to create new interactions and to truly connect with the people they support.

Quite simply this training will enlighten your thinking when working with people with PMLD and start to unlock opportunities in the ‘real world’ for the individuals that you support.

No one is too disabled to have a conversation!

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