Working alongside people with profound and multiple learning disabilities for years has taught us that no one is too disabled to have a conversation.

At Changing Our Lives, we know and understand that being able to truly communicate with people mandates an intrinsic need to connect with people and facilitate rich interactions. Communication is so much more than we appreciate and it takes a multitude of skills to achieve real interaction. It is only when we are able to recognise, understand and use these skills that natural conversations take place.

  • On average we work with around 80 people with profound and multiple learning disabilities a year. We work alongside these individuals to plan for their future and support them and their families to achieve ordinary life expectations such as living in their own home, having a circle of friends and an active life.
  • We deliver a training course called 'More than Words' that focuses on connecting with people and facilitating conversations. In addition, we can deliver this as in-depth practice development with teams of staff, teaching them how to have meaningful interactions with people, so individuals can be in control of their lives and choices as much as possible.
  • We also advise and train staff teams in how to produce accessible information for people with learning disabilities.