In Changing Our Lives, we pride ourselves on our unique brand. These elements are what makes up this brand:


Coproduction underpins our entire approach and at its heart, it is a simple idea. It’s about individuals, communities and organisations having the skills, knowledge and ability to work together, create opportunities and solve problems. We work with disabled people and people with experience of mental health difficulties in coproduction, as we know from experience this is the best way to achieve meaningful, long lasting solutions.


If you believe disabled people and people with mental health difficulties can lead ‘ordinary lives’, if you are committed to the social model of disability and the recovery model of mental health, then you need to be aspirational in what you hope to achieve. The team at Changing Our Lives is aspirational in our approach: we know we face difficulties and sometimes even opposition, but this makes us more determined to succeed.

Outcome driven

We focus on finding solutions and achieving outcomes that result in equality and social justice. We don’t deliver set ‘services’, we think of outcomes first and then working in coproduction with people to think about what needs to be done to achieve that outcome and take it from there…

Community development

We work in the heart of community as we know that the local community is often best placed to find solutions and take action to address local need. We have an office base but we don’t work from it; wherever we are in the community becomes our home for the day, week, month…..

Developing relationships

We develop strategic friendships and partnerships and draw on these to bring about positive improvements to people’s lives.

Work local, think national

We pride ourselves on improving people’s lives at a local level, and we take this learning and best practice to a national level.


If we accept funding or seek funding for a piece of work, this is because we believe the work will result in outcomes and is compatible with our values and brand. We are bold and this means sometimes we don't pursue certain areas of work or funding sources. We don't seek to grow the organisation for its own sake; neither do we hunt for funding to sustain areas of work that have little impact.

Innovation and creativity

We use creative media and the arts to communicate and engage with people and bring about positive change.