Human rights are at the cornerstone of our democracy and enable us all to live well in communities that value the equal dignity of each person. Human rights are the freedoms and protections that every person has simply because they are human. Too often, disabled people and people with experience of mental health difficulties find that their rights are not respected, protected and fulfilled and they are denied an ordinary life. Living an ordinary life, as an active member of society, is something most of us take for granted. Meeting friends for a night out, working towards career or personal goals and making a home for our family or ourselves are everyday aspects of life. People with a label of “complex needs” are most at risk of living a life that is far from ordinary and often spent segregated from society.

We know that an ordinary life is achievable for anyone with the right support. Our person-centred planning approach rests on this belief; it puts the individual and an ordinary life at the heart of the planning process and enables people to move towards a future that is meaningful to them and is their right to live.

Working alongside the person and those close to them, using a range of person-centred tools and creative approaches, we gather a rich body of evidence about the person. We focus on who the person is and explore what makes them unique. Subtle details about the person’s character that are overlooked are discovered and personal, self-defining history that has been forgotten is revealed.  As a deep and rich picture of the person is gathered, we imagine together the person they want to be, the life they want to grow and the future they want to move towards. We are proud that all of these plans result in tangible outcomes; this is non-negotiable before we start planning. 

What we do:

Working with us, you will get a uniquely designed person-centred planning package that is tailored to individuals and their unique circumstances. You will benefit from the flexible approach we take to each situation that is firmly grounded in the principles of an ordinary life.

Creating person-centred plans for people is the central feature of our person-centred planning work. You may want to use this, together with the person, as the basis of ‘specifications’ for future provision, staff teams and personal budgets. The package you create with us can also include: 

  • Promoting/modelling new and creative ways of working with individuals to enable them to take a leading role in future planning.

  • Developing action plans to facilitate progress with complex situations.

  • Designing mechanisms for people to be in control of and choose their support, such as Dragons Dens.

  • Practice development for staff teams and support staff that challenges traditional thinking, provides positive alternatives and improves the way that people are supported.

  • Support for families that promotes ordinary life thinking, encourages resilience and puts them in control.

You will have the opportunity to work with us to decide the elements that need to be included so that the best outcomes are achieved for people.

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