Changing Our Lives worked with David Harling, the head of Learning Disability Nursing in the National Nursing Directorate in NHS England and NHS Improvement on this album of postcards to celebrate Learning Disability Week 2020. 

"Welcome to Postcards from the Brightside featuring real nurses, real lives. Here you will find over 100 postcards showcasing the images and the words of real learning disability nurses from across the United Kingdom, and a few postcards of endorsement from those who support this amazing group of professionals.

The aim is simple, to promote the fantastic work of learning disability nurses, to celebrate the awesomeness of the profession as a whole, and to encourage anyone thinking of a career change to gain a true understanding of why learning disability nursing is such a rewarding career.

Of course, we couldn’t include a postcard from every learning disability nurse, but we hope the messages here are representative of learning disability nurses across England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and beyond! 

So, as part of the challenge, don’t just look! We urge you to download at least 5 postcards, and share them on social media using the hashtag #RealNursesRealLives, in order to generate a groundswell of interest in what these amazing nurses do."

David Harling - Head of Learning Disability Nursing, NHS England and NHS Improvement

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