Human rights are at the cornerstone of our democracy and enable us all to live well in communities that value the equal dignity of each person. Human rights are the freedoms and protections that every person has simply because they are human. Disabled people and people with experience of mental health difficulties are too often denied an ordinary life. People with a label of “complex needs” are most at risk of living a life that is far from ordinary and often spent segregated from society.

We know that an ordinary life is possible for anyone with the right support and we have a proven track record in achieving this. Our approach puts an ordinary life at the heart of the process and enables people to move towards a future that is meaningful to them.

What we do:

  • We provide one to one rights based advocacy for individuals with the aim of ensuring their rights are met and ordinary life outcomes are achieved.

  • We advocate for people with mental health difficulties and a wide range of disabled people, including those with a label of "challenging behaviour" and people who do not use words to communicate.

  • We offer a non-traditional, ordinary life approach to advocacy. Human rights and the social model of disability are embedded in our unique approach.

  • We are experienced in advocating the life changing steps of deinstitutionalisation for many people with learning disabilities.