The Safe Places scheme is based on the belief that everyone has the right to feel confident and safe going out in their local community.

Lots of people feel unsafe at times in the local area; this might be because they have experienced crime or because they simply feel unsafe. For disabled people, older people and others who feel vulnerable this often means they don’t go out at all. The Safe Places scheme enables people to feel more confident, access their local areas more and know what to do.  You can watch the Safe Places film by clicking on the white arrow in the image above.

A Safe Place building has a sticker in the window that looks like this:

The person in the building will help you make a phone call and get help. This phone call could be to someone in your family, someone you know or your paid carer, or it might be to the police if a crime has been committed.  People using the scheme will be given a Safe Place card which has the Safe Places logo on it. This card helps remind the person what the logo looks like when they are out in the community. The card also has contact numbers on it for the person to ring if they get into any difficulty.

Changing Our Lives has facilitated a Safe Places scheme in Sandwell since 2008 and in Wolverhampton since 2011. Feedback from individuals has shown that when people know where the local Safe Places are they feel more confident to go out, knowing that if they need help, there will be a Safe Place local to them.

What’s been happening in the West Midlands recently?

In 2016-2017 Changing Our Lives was funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Office for the West Midlands to further develop the Safe Places scheme. We concentrated on establishing the Safe Place scheme in Birmingham and Walsall and strengthening the existing schemes in Sandwell and Wolverhampton, by working alongside vulnerable people, local businesses and statutory and community organisations – this resulted in a total of 654 Safe Places across these areas.

Where are the Safe Places?


Across Birmingham we have established 220 new Safe Places:

Erdington and Kingstanding

Handsworth, Aston and Perry Barr

Harborne and Quinton

Kings Heath

Northfield and Weoley Castle

Shard End and Kitts Green

Sutton Coldfield


In Walsall, there are now 109 new Safe Places across the city centre, Aldridge, Bloxwich, and Darlaston.

Walsall Safe Place List


Sandwell Safe Places has been running since 2009 and currently has 142 Safe Places.

Sandwell Safe Place List

Safe Places Report It Centres


There are 183 Safe Place across Wolverhampton. This scheme has been running since 2011.

Wolverhampton Safe Place List

SafePlaces Report It Centres

Safe Places information in other languages:

Safe Places Information sheet_Punjabi.pdf

Safe Places Information sheet_Bengali.pdf

Safe Places Information sheet_Urdu.pdf

Safe Places Information in widget:

If you would like to support this work or want to know more please email us at [email protected] or ring us on 0300 302 0770.

Find out about volunteering in a Safe Place here.

Order yourself a Safe Places card or turn your business into a Safe Place by emailing or telephoning us.