The Safe Places scheme is based on the belief that everyone has the right to feel confident and safe going out in their local community. Lots of people feel unsafe at times in the local area; this might be because they have experienced crime or because they simply feel unsafe. For disabled people, older people and others who feel vulnerable this often means they don’t go out at all. The Safe Places scheme enables people to feel more confident, access their local areas more and know what to do to report a crime.

A Safe Place building has a sticker in the window with the Safe Places logo on it. The person in the building helps the disabled person make a phone call and get help. This phone call could be to someone in their family, someone they know or their paid carer, or it might be the police if a crime has been committed.  People using the scheme will be given a Safe Place card which has the Safe Places logo on it. This card helps remind the person what the logo looks like when they are out in the community. The card also has contact numbers on it for the person to ring if they get into any difficulty.

Summary of the role

Work with disabled people and others in their local community to identify new Safe Places, make businesses aware of the scheme and tell disabled people and others about the scheme.

Responsibilities and duties

  • Working with disabled people, and others such as older people to identify new Safe Places in their local areas.
  • Working with businesses to make them aware of how the scheme works.
  • Making disabled people, and others such as older people, aware of the scheme and how to stay safe in the community.
  • Handing out Safe Place cards and keeping a record of how many have been distributed.
  • Using social media, local radio, TV, website, newspapers to advertise the scheme.
  • Ensuring that health, safety and insurance regulations are followed.
  • Working to the values of Changing Our Lives.

Experience and Skills

  • You will love working with people and working in the community. You like speaking with people and being around people.
  • Preferably you will have worked with disabled people and/or older people before.
  • The confidence to speak with businesses, community centres and other settings to make them aware of the scheme and get them signed up to be a Safe Place.
  • Excellent organisational skills.
  • Good time management skills.
  • Strong verbal communication
  • Strong people focused skills
  • You are able to work on your own initiative
  • Enthusiasm
  • Flexibility

If you're interested in this role, then please contact [email protected] or telephone 0300 302 0770.